English menu of season

Menu of season

Nigiri sushi

[Nigiri sushi]
Request for only sushi , the platter of sushi.
Enjoy the delicious story of every season.

[grilled Ayu]
※ In Roppongi asobigasaki , we will feel the growth of ayu throughout the year.
Hiuo (fry), small Ayu, Wakaayu(adolescent), adult fish, Ayu with roe,
Each of the taste, grilled, fried foods, protruding…
You will enjoy in various forms of cuisine.

[Red mackerel (Emmelichthyidae ) of Misaki]
It is a red mackerel of Misaki Port direct delivery.
It is the cooking from local fishermen’s advice.
baked and boiled is the best.

[Saute of tilefish and scallop]
Japanese Banyakauda source of
Source Isil soy sauce (fish sauce), I made to arrange miso, garlic, with ginger.
in Japanese style.

[Sashimi five prime season]
This is the sashimi that uses seasonal ingredients of that period.
The center of the dragonfly is made of Benishin radish.

【[Abalone steamed, Grilled liver and miso butter wrapped in leaves] ※ summer limited menu
Scent using the blue Park leaves of summer, finished rich flavor.
Abalone mushroom of summer is sandwiched seasonal raw abalone in onion slice,
And steamed slowly and carefully over 4,5 hours.
To absorb the flavor and you can finish very soft.
Liver of the abalone and onions, I was multiplied this butter source combined miso.

[Yosenabe] * Required reservation
menu of November to February.
Crab pot, Tecchiri (blowfish pot), we will offer a three pot
Will be served with a paper pot into the bamboo basket.

[takeout souvenir – a rarity! Boiled Arima eel]

[takeout souvenir – a rarity! Boiled Arima eel]
The eel from Lake Biwa direct delivery ,Arima pepper, masterpieces of Hyogo, That stewed is a delicious , ,
Can you just served very delicious place to warm rice.

[takeout souvenir- grand sushi roll FUTOMAKI]

※ Reservation required ※

[takeout souvenir- grand sushi roll FUTOMAKI]
Herring roe, prawns, conger eel, omelet, dried gourd shavings, shiitake,, cucumber, shiso,
Futomaki’s filling is the plenty packed, Please enjoy the accent of eating quality.


Course Menu  \8,000-

Menu Misaki \10,000-
Appetizer / sashimi / grilled dish / warm dish / small bowl / five Sushi / three Hosomaki / red miso soup / dessert

Menu Jyogashima \13,000-
Appetizer / sashimi / soup appetizer / grilled dish / warm dish / Warm Dish / Fry / five Sushi / three Hosomaki / red miso soup / dessert


Menu kaiseki Special (A) \15,000-
Order in advance

Menu kaiseki Special  (B)\18,000-
Order in advance

A la carte

○ Sashimi
・Assorted sampler 5 ¥4,000
・Assorted sampler 7 ¥6,000

○ Grille
・Japanese style omelette ¥600
・Japanese style omelette(with eel) ¥1,500
・Grilled squid leg ¥700

○ Warm dish
・Egg custard ¥600
・Boild seasonal vegetables ¥800
・Steamed seasonal vegetables ¥700
・Foie gras & japannese radish(teriyaki sours) ¥1,600

○ Vinegared
・Seasonal ingredients with sour sauce,miso ¥900
・Vinegared eel ¥1,600

○ Fry
・Tenpura(seasonal vegetables) ¥10,000
・Tempura(squid leg) ¥900
・white shrimp mix ¥1,200

○ Steak(HAYAMA Beef ”A5”class)
・Roast beef japanese style ¥2,000
・Filet steak ¥5,000

○ Soup
・Red miso soup (clams,laver) ¥600
・Japanese soup ¥600
Kamakura asobigasaki, This is a traditional Japanese kaiseki restaurant Menu-Page, where you can find and enjoy our four seasons.we have a vegetarian menu any time you want.